Royal Inspiration

26993797_1579025185508934_6400253386982219467_nWeek: #3

Total Pounds Lost: 7

Pounds To Go: 194

What a wonderful week in health it has been!!! I made it through all of my workouts without dying, my eating for the most part has been on point, the number on Madame Scale went in a healthy direction, and I feel amazing!!! You know… the honeymoon phase of my weight-loss journey! Although my steps toward health are something to be proud of, they are not the focus of my pride this week… no way… not when I can be proud of someone much more amazing and inspirational… my daughter.

She is 6 going on 16, and has always been a motivational force behind my health journey. Remember that whole not wanting to be a Fatty McFatMom, yeah, that all starts with her birth! This week was different though. She is becoming such a powerhouse of strength, confidence, and pure inspiration. As an all-star cheerleader there are a myriad of tumbling skills that she is just beginning to master. In some eyes she is behind for her age, but that doesn’t stop her determination and drive to catch up. She works hard, she pushes her body, but it doesn’t come easy, and it definitely doesn’t come without feelings of defeat… but when she gets it… it is magical! What she doesn’t always realize is the strength and ability she is forming along her way to her goal. Take the picture above, she holds her body there before kicking over. The strength to do that is ridiculous… but that isn’t the skill she is working on. Holding that position is NOT her goal, but it doesn’t  make that ability any less amazing. However, she couldn’t care less about the strength it takes to hold her body like that.

Which of course, got me thinking… how often do we take the time to really celebrate the little steps we take in the right direction of our goal? And do we genuinely give them the celebration they deserve? Take my FatFree Mommy journey for example, this week I lost another two pounds from the week before, and completed my weekly exercise goal. I am sore all over and it hurts to move in certain ways. I love it! It’s glorious! It’s a definitive step in the right direction! However, I wouldn’t say that I am genuinely giving myself any pats on the back or anything.

How can I expect my princess to celebrate her own little accomplishments along the way, if I cannot lead by example? Doing the work to get closer to whatever goal you have is worthy of self-praise, worthy of pride. Setting smaller goals and actually acknowledging the strength it took to accomplish them is important!  Whatever end goal you have, reaching it is the final gold star on a chart that should be filled with gold stars which you earned along the way! After all, it is the countless months of training and hundreds of miles left on the pavement that lead you to that marathon finish-line. The race itself is just a victory lap!


FatFree Mommy

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