Welcome to Fat-Free Mommyhood! I’m a mommy, love being a mommy, but right now I am a fat mommy, and the fat part is what I am going to change. Sharing my journey in weight loss and mommyhood will hopefully help others and if not, I hope it will at least be entertaining.

I am a fat girl from the Seattle area, but currently I live in the fattest place of all… Texas! That’s right I will be losing weight and maintaining my weight loss in the land of deep fried butter, 42-ounce steaks, Tex-Mex (just when you thought Mexican food couldn’t get any worse for you… you add some Texas to it), and of course good old finger lickin BBQ. So join me on my adventure!

*** As of late April 2012, my family and I moved our happy home to the happiest place on earth, none other than sunny Florida! Florida houses so many great memories from my childhood and college years that I was excited, and overjoyed to be moving. Now of course Florida offers its own set of temptations, instead of Tex-Mex there is the ever so tempting Cuban cuisine, instead of 42-ounce steaks I can come face to face with mouthwatering specialty cupcakes, and of course who could leave out the college staples of grease dripping pizza, the yumminess of Publix subs (Subway has nothing on Publix!), and the ever so tempting cupcakes found at Sweet. Needless to say, I am surrounded by just as many temptations so my adventure is definitely just getting started.

**** As of February 2013, I have started growing a new addition to our family, that’s right, I’m pregnant and due in October.

***** As of October 2013, I am now a mommy of 2!!! We added a little handsome prince to the Fat-Free Mommy family, and life just got a little sweeter. Now it’s time to get back on that weight-loss train! Full steam ahead, this Fat-Free Mommy has goals to achieve!


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