Thankful Beyond Words

Thankful Beyond WordsWeek: #5

Pounds Lost: 20

Pounds To Go: 188

Happy Thanksgiving weekend everyone!!! Words just cannot describe how thankful I am for our little family and for the friends who we shared this holiday with! I cooked all day, laughed all night, and it was they type of holiday gathering I have always envisioned. I even indulged just a little! I really was so proud of myself though! I took what I wanted without fear, because this year, for the first time in a long time, I was ok with letting go for the day.

Being on a weight loss journey can come with its fair share of guilt. Which is a mindset that I don’t particularly want to subscribe to any more. Ok, you had a piece of pie, all of Santa’s elves will not lose their left pinky finger if you eat a piece of pie! The world will not come to an end, and most importantly, neither will your health journey. Should you have pie every day and be ok with it, probably not if your goal is weight loss, but on a holiday where it is customary to partake in a slice, go for a small one without regrets!  That’s just what I did on Thursday, and it really did feel good.

Friday I felt the effects of gluten in my system and a twinge of dehydration, but other than that, it was a continuation of an amazing day full of thanks. Kids played, tree was decorated, leftovers were consumed, and I was back on track! All in all, it was a Thanksgiving I will look back on with joy. I needed one of those, and I really am thankful beyond words to have it in my memory bank!


The trick this Holiday season, is to let go of the tricks. You have to start out by believing that a day is just a day and that tomorrow is a new one. Ruining your holiday with the constant thoughts of food guilt or depravity will take away from the happy moments with family and friends. Focusing on the human interactions of the day will in turn help curb the urge to seriously over-indulge, for the simple reason that your meal will last longer. Unless you are absolutely gross, you will not talk or laugh and chew at the same time. That talking, that laughing, will put time gaps between bites, thus making you eat a little slower which will help you recognize when you are full. Win-Win! Besides, these holidays are supposed to be about the blessings of family and friends in your life, right?! It’s time to embrace the spirit of the holidays! So put down that fork and start talking, start laughing, engage in a conversation! I promise, you’ll be glad you did!


Fat-Free Mommy

My Bunnies Don’t Eat Candy

poop jelly beansWeek: #3

Pounds Lost This Week: 0

Total Lost: 16.4

Pounds to go to Goal #1: 8.0

Pounds to go Overall: 105.0

Happiest of Easter/Passover/Sunday to you all! I hope this day is bringing happiness and love to you in whatever celebration you choose, because really, that’s what holidays are supposed to be about, right? I mean aside from the different religious meanings and traditions, at the core of it all is family and love, isn’t it? … or is it candy? Well, if you ask the Targets and other retailers of the universe, I think their answer may in fact be candy. We celebrate with the beloved Easter Bunny; we get a freaked out picture taken, buy and decorate our weight in eggs, and then Mr. Cotton Tail himself comes magically while mommy takes the little royals on a stroller jalk, hides all the eggs and brings baskets of presents.He even leaves footprints on our sidewalk, because as a gentleman he uses the front door. Its a weekend full of fun, love, and the excitement that only children can have over finding hard boiled eggs in random spots around the house.

Now, as the Easter Bunny’s helper, I was in charge of securing the contents of said Easter Baskets, and I was bound and determined to not have them overflowing with candy. I mean really, do we need another holiday that is candy-centric. You have Halloween, the grand poo-bah of candy holidays, Valentine’s Day or otherwise known as Chocolate In a Box Day, and even Christmas has those striped canes of sugary peppermint. Every holiday has some type of sugary symbol, and I couldn’t help but want to go against the grain this time. My kiddos don’t need all that sugar! Even if it is for just a treat, the amount of candy themed for the holiday was, well, out of control. Did you know that over 90 million chocolate buddies are sold surrounding the Easter holiday? Seriously, must we eat a chocolate bunny? Will my children be looked at as deprived if they don’t have a chocolate bunny? I decided that I didn’t care and I went to a few stores this week looking for non-candy items on behalf of Mr. Bunny. You know what?  I struggled each time. There were multiple aisles of candy, and non-candy items seemed chintzy at best. Do we just forgo the whole Easter Basket experience? I can’t deny my children the fun of coloring eggs and getting a basket from Mr. Bunny, that would just be heartless. So what did this Fat-Free Mommy do? Well, lets just say I spent more than a couple dollars on non-candy items that didn’t deserve my money, but I stuck to my non-candy guns.

It really shouldn’t have been that hard! Do peeps really need to come in every color of the rainbow? Must there be edible Easter Basket grass? We have moved beyond the paper grass that would traditionally line the baskets because even the grass must be made of sugar? Everything must be edible! Come on! It is hard enough trying to find foods that kids will like that aren’t dripping with sugar, preservatives, GMOs, added hormones, and whatever other chemical combinations factories can make. If we give up the fight then our children could end up obese or plagued with any number of avoidable diseases and conditions, so we have to stand up for health, even on holidays, right?

When we got home from our jalk, I watched as my little royals beamed with joy over seeing the footsteps of Mr. Bunny. Shouts of  The Easter Bunny Came!!! excitedly left the lips of my princess. The baskets were a big hit, the eggs were found, and not a word of the missing candy was spoken. No one cared that there wasn’t a chocolate bunny! I felt almost like the Grinch at the end of the story when he realized that it wasn’t the presents that made Christmas special. Easter wasn’t about the candy this year, at least not in the Fat-Free Mommy house, and even though it was hard, I was proud that I didn’t succumb to the candy coated pressure.


Fat-Free Mommy

Mommy Can’t Be Sick… Twice

Week: #9
Pounds Lost: 40.0
Pounds To Go: 105.4

‘Tis the season for many joyous things, Christmas trees, twinkling lights, Santa Claus, and then there is that thing that comes with this time if year that is definitely on the naughty list… The flu. It all started with my hubby, who, like many other completely grown men, turned into a baby like human about two weeks ago. Then on what was a wonderfully normal Monday, my princess’ digestive system decided reverse it’s natural course in a projectile manner all over the back seat of my car, on a bridge on the way home from dance class. That same night ended with both kiddos having what we will just call overly filled diapers. That night, I really just had to laugh, as I gave both of my royals their baths. It was just a day that couldn’t be topped, as far as the book of household sickness was concered, or so I thought.

Somewhere it should be written into some type of rule book or law that mommies cannot get sick. At least that is the rule that our family seems to abide by. Generally speaking, I seem to be skipped whenever a sickness sweeps through our house, which is good because mommy really can’t be sick. Mommy can’t take a day to rest, or stay in bed and drink tea. She may get a nap during nap time, but there is no sick leave from mommyhood. Which typically, is alright by me. I love caring for my family, it is what I am meant to do. However, it would seem as though my luck ran out for these past few weeks, because this Fat-Free Mommy was sick, horribly sick. The fever was high, and no nutrients were actually being kept by my body. The hubby recovered before I started my sickness adventure, so he was able to come home from work early when I had hit my limit of strength. Now, thankfully, I have had breaks in sickness. The terror lasts for about two days, and then we are all well for a few days, even my birthday weekend at Disney was spared, but then the cycle decided to repeat itself upon our return. To which I have to say… seriously?!?! It wasn’t bad enough that we had to live through this once, but giving us a second round, now that is just unkind.

Of course through all of the sick days, I couldn’t help but become concerned about my training. Every day that passed I should have been logging some miles, but I didn’t, I stayed home. I had to mentally weigh running through sickness versus waiting to run until at least the fever had subsided. This Fat-Free Mommy chose to wait to run so that any injury or extended sickness could be avoided. That was a difficult decision, especially considering that there are now less than three full weeks before Disney race day, but my family’s health always comes first, without question, and this time that included my own.

Fat-Free Mommy

Distracting Little Dude

Week: #6
Pounds Lost: 34
Pounds To Go: 111.4

Thanksgiving traditionally lends itself to be a non-weight loss friendly holiday. In fact weight loss and turkey day are at war, they are the sisters who never get along, who are better off pretending that the other simply doesn’t exist. However, every year turkey day shows up to stir the weight loss pot. Ideally, Thanksgiving is spent with family, in someone’s house with a kitchen oozing with smells of the feasting season. However, this year, for us, we were at a Hilton buffet. I know, it’s basically the anti-Thanksgiving, but it was the choice of my dad’s wife, so in order to spend the holiday with him, that’s where we went. Celebrating there, although not ideal, did have an upside. I didn’t have to worry about being tempted by my favorite Thanksgiving dishes because they simply weren’t available. However, I was faced with prime rib and some cream sauce soaked salmon, so I did what I could to stay on track, but I definitely wasn’t perfect. I did have a weight loss secret weapon though… My little royals.

It’s amazing how much distraction a toddler and a newborn can provide. Just their cuteness alone can suck you in for hours. Any time I even though of going over to the dessert table, filled with literally over twenty different sugary selections, I would give a snuggle or two to my little prince. I swear babies and small children are a hidden weight loss gem. Just think about it, while giving snuggles, you aren’t thinking about gooey chocolate cake or butter drenched potatoes. You are thinking of baby smells, and how such a miracle of innocent joy can exist. Seriously, the next time you are at a gathering showcasing treats which will induce weight gain on sight, just find the nearest baby, and instantly you will be completely distracted. Of course, this weight loss trick only works if you are a baby fan, if you’re not a baby lover than I’m sorry, I can’t help you.

But seriously, when it comes to the holidays, you have options. You could eat whatever you want in any quantity, as long as you are prepared for the consequences on Madame Scale, or you could focus on the reason for the season, and I promise you it isn’t food. Focus on friends, family, catching up with people you rarely see, or getting to know new ones. For this Fat-Free Mommy, I am going to focus on the little ones who make all of my mommyhood dreams come true. After all, looking into their smiling faces creates more happiness than any piece of chocolate cake or scoop of stuffing ever did.

Fat-Free Mommy

A Shopping Fairytale

Week: #40
Pounds lost: 123.8
Pounds to go (1st goal): 0
Pounds to go (2nd goal): 21.2

This has been a truly amazing week that can only be described as a fairytale come true. So, gather ’round as I welcome you to my true story, The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Fairytale…

Once upon a time, not too long ago, there lived a princess; they called her Princess Pretty Face Fatty McFatGirl. Her face may have mirrored Snow White, with her jet black hair, rosy lips, and fair skin, but her body belonged in the blubbery category with the likes of Ursula the sea witch foe of Ariel. Dreams of being fit and healthy circled her brain like a hurricane, and no matter what she tried nothing seemed to break the Fatty McFatGirl spell that she was under. Princess Pretty Face wanted nothing more than to wear beautiful clothes and shoes, but she could never fit into the ones she truly wanted.
One day, the queen took the princess to buy a special pair of boots, ones that the princess had always longed for, but after being humiliated with multiple shoe peddlers who gave promises that their boots would fit the biggest of girls, the princess began to believe that no matter what she did, she would never own a pair. She ended that day in tears, knowing that her legs would never squeeze into special boots or skinny jeans for that matter, let alone the dreamy combination.
Years past and the princess met her prince charming and had a little princess of her own. With so much joy and love in her heart, Princess Pretty Face Fatty McFatGirl knew it was time to make her beautiful body dreams come true, and this time with the guidance of her fairy godmother and the support of her kingdom, she began to transform into a new princess. They now called her Princess Fat-Free Mommy, but there was still one problem, she didn’t have any clothes that fit and she still didn’t have a pair of special boots. In truth, she was a bit scared of wearing anything that would fit because she didn’t know her new size and finding it out was a bit terrifying. After spending so long under the Fatty McFatGirl spell and not being able to fit into the clothes she truly wanted, it was hard for her to accept that the day  when she could fit into everything she had always wanted was soon on its way.
Just then, the good fairy Vanessa appeared and invited the princess to a shopping ball called the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Princess Fat-Free Mommy was excited and with the baby princess in tow joined the good fairy for an experience of a lifetime. Vanessa guided the princess through the beautiful racks of clothes and filled a dressing chamber with items the princess never imaged she could wear. They looked at special boots with the help of another good fairy named Demi, and decided to try on a pair. Anxiously the princess started to put on the boots, and instead of them not being able to budge over her blubbery calves, this time they slid on for a perfect fit much like Cinderella’s glass slipper. The princess was overjoyed and began to dance in the middle of the shoe department! Then it was time to try on the beautiful clothes. Nervous and excited, the princess went to her dressing chambers as the kind fairy Vanessa got the baby princess some lunch.
It was time to face the mirror, and we all know the mirror does not lie. So, the princess took a deep breath and started to try things on, and to her pure shock, the fashions did not fit because they were too big! Vanessa fluttered to get smaller sizes and the princess could not believe her eyes! Between dances of joy and sailor-esque cursing in disbelief of her new sizes, the princess started to cry. She had gone from an oversized princess wearing sizes of 20 and above to a healthy princess wearing a size 2 in just 9 months! The 2’s fit snugly, but the good fairy Vanessa and the princess agreed that they would be a perfect comfortable fit once the princess reached her goal weight. The princess couldn’t believe her eyes and was overcome with happiness, excitement, and pride. She filled many bags with clothes and shoes that day, but more importantly she had broken the Fatty McFatGirl spell for good and would go on to live happily ever after in a life filled with health and happiness.


So there you have it, my 100% true fairytale, I cleared my closet of the clothes that were too big and filled it with clothes that fit snugly now and will be perfectly comfortable once I reach my goal.

According to coach and fairy godmothers everywhere, an important step to weight-loss and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is taking time to embrace the new you. It is a mental game, you see yourself in the mirror every day and you may not see yourself the way others do, so it is important to let yourself mentally and emotionally adjust to the new you. Take the time to experience clothes that fit and feel the overwhelming joy that comes along with smaller sizes, but be sure to toss out, or better yet donate the clothes that are too big. That way, you won’t have them on hand in the case of a slip off of the healthy track you are on. Only having clothes that fit the new smaller you will help you stay the new smaller you. I know, for me, I am still in shock over the size I am now, that’s just not what I see when I look at me. After my shopping spree with Vanessa, who I can’t thank enough for how truly wonderful she is, I had a wee bit of an emotional breakdown. I have come so far from where I used to be. I now own skinny jeans and knee high boots, a combination I had convinced myself that I would never be able to pull off, and now I can. I am literally making my own dreams come true and embracing a whole new world of health and happiness, and of course fashion. And you know what that means don’t you? YOU can do it too! Your goals, whatever they may be are 100% achievable, no matter what they are. The difference between dreams and goals is action, you are in control, and you can make your dreams become your reality. Don’t listen to those who say “stop” or “you can’t”. You can, so do it, and don’t stop until you reach your goal!

Fat-Free Mommy

For the Daddies

Week: #36

Pounds lost: 113.4

Pounds to go (1st goal): 5.6

Pounds to go (2nd goal): 31.6

Happy Father’s Day! As a proud Daddy’s Girl I love this day, a day to honor the men who inspire us to be princesses, who support us through all of the frogs that may come across our path, and who continue to be heroes in our own fairytales. I am blessed to have a very special Dad who has sacrificed so much to give me everything I have ever wanted, and my beautiful daughter has him wrapped around her tiny finger, much like her own Daddy who is a very special man in his own right. So, today, we started our day with a stroller jalk, much like we do on any given weekend, but this time, it was in honor of the very special men in our lives. It felt good to jalk with a purpose in mind, each step that hit the pavement was in gratitude, not only for my Dad and Hubby, but also for all of the Father-Figures in our lives, and by the end, dripping in sweat, my heart was full of more thankful thoughts than ever. Without my rock collection of strong men, I would not be where I am today, I would not be able to be on this healthy path, and I would not be able to be the mother I am and want to be to my precious girl without the support and unconditional love that I am so lucky to receive. Truth be told, not all of the men who have entered my life will make the aforementioned list, but isn’t that why they aren’t in my life anymore? This of course got me thinking about how the support, or lack thereof from the men in my life have literally shaped me, both mentally and in actual physical shape.

I have had relationships, like many women, who were filled with passion and a bit more drama than a reality TV series, and of course accompanied by an unhealthy growth of fat cells. Some may call it “love-chub”, but if it is really love, would it make you chubby? Shouldn’t love inspire health? I’m sure we have all been there, where in the comfort of a relationship, you let your eating become unhealthier while your workouts become few and far between.  Then when the relationship blows up in your face, which by the way you should have seen coming, what is left is an enlarged version of yourself craving unhealthy food. In one relationship of my past, I put on approximately 60 pounds within a year, now that is not love, certainly if he were my prince charming having a healthy princess would have been a priority or at least discussed. We ate out for almost all meals, and every time I wanted to lose weight, he would claim that whatever path I wanted to commit to was going to make me crazy. Which albeit, some fad diets do make your crazy with the different toxins that you are willingly pumping into your body in order to reverse the relationship damage done on Madame Scale, but still, if he was truly my happily ever after, he would have been a supporter of healthy pathways instead of gorge fests at our local meat and cheese buffet tables. With him my shape was roly-poly and definitely Shamu-esque. Now, that I am in a supportive and healthy relationship, my shape is becoming more healthy too. It all falls in line. Healthy relationship, healthy support system, healthy life. Now granted, even in my current relationship I packed on the “love-chub”, I mean hello, I am on a quite long weight-loss journey. But, the big difference is, he supported my choice to become healthy. He supported my choice to start my weight-loss program. He supported my choice to become a runner. His support doesn’t end, it doesn’t waver, and most of all, he doesn’t get in my way or in the way of my choices. Much like my Dad, my hubby lets me be me, whomever that shall be, and supports me regardless.

According to coach, being supported by healthy relationships and people who are in support of your journey is a key to the golden gates of success. Weight-loss can be hard both mentally and physically, and you need to make sure that your partner in life, or at least your partner for the time being, is on board and can help you stay on track. Do they have to be on the same track? No. But they do have to be willing to keep the train in motion instead of helping to set road blocks. Sure, it is easier to eat at a restaurant and not care about what you are ordering. Sure, it is easier to sit on the couch than go for a run. But, caring about what your are ordering or even cooking at home as well as going out for that run all become exponentially easier when you at the very least have a cheerleader in your corner. I know for me, having the special men in my life be my biggest cheerleaders makes all the difference in the world. I am so very lucky and thankful. So, here’s to you Daddies in my world, you are appreciated more than you know!


Fat-Free Mommy

Celebrating Mommyhood

Week: #31

Pounds lost: 100.0

Pounds to go (1st goal): 19.0

Pounds to go (2nd goal): 45.0

Happy Mother’s Day! Ok, so it was technically yesterday, but I celebrate being a mommy every day so even though I am late according to the calendar and Hallmark, I am right on time in my book. For me, mommyhood is a way of life, I absolutely adore being a mommy and can honestly say that motherhood is the  private club that I have waited my whole life to be a member of, the benefits are amazing and every day I am inspired to be a better person for myself and for my little person. I read somewhere the other day that,  “The behaviors that you model for your children today are the behaviors they will display tomorrow”, well if that is the truth, and I hope that it is, my little hunny bunny is going to be one active girl. How did we celebrate Mother’s Day? Why by running a 5K of course! It was an awesome experience in exercise to share with my little one and I fully intend on making the Mother’s Day 5K an annual tradition in the Fat-Free Mommy house.

While running, and of course by running I mean jogging with the occasional walk break, I couldn’t help but think back on the past year and what drastic changes have been made. Where was I last Mother’s Day? At our house, in Texas, watching reality television, eating my face off, and probably not even walking more than 5 feet at a time let alone jog for the majority of 3 miles. I was at a weight that I would never admit to in a public setting, and my overall feeling towards life was exhaustion. Sure, I had a little bundle of joy that I was over the moon in love with, and no real sadness to speak of, but how I felt about myself was a different story. I knew I was a Fatty McFatMom, but I wasn’t really taking the reins to make a change. I would occasionally exercise, and have a salad here and there, telling myself that Monday will be the beginning of a new healthy life. But, those Mondays, countless of course, came and went and the new healthy lifestyle remained at bay. Now, fast forward only 1 year, and oh what a difference that year has made. Mother’s Day 2012 is quite literally a 180 degree turn from Mother’s Day 2011. We are in Florida, *happy dance, happy dance*, I am on a program of healthy living that I don’t stray from and that I will continue for the rest of my life, I have plans, mostly dealing with exercise, that I would have never thought possible in previous years, and these changes in my life have not only changed me, but the entire Fat-Free Mommy family.

Could you imagine if I hadn’t started this program in October? What kind of behaviors would I be modeling for my daughter? What kind of motherhood experience would I be having? I would like to think that if I hadn’t started in October then I would have started in November or somewhere down the line, but no one can know for sure. One thing I know is true, I am so thankful for myself and my decisions that have lead me to this wonderfully happy and healthy life that I am living. I celebrate the mommyhood that I am experiencing every day. So, Mother’s Day, for me, is just one more day to celebrate the life I love to live.

According to coach, it is important to look back and make comparisons between the you that you are now or the you that you want to be, and the you that you used to be. Making these comparisons can help you stay on track. Some people may think that forgetting the past or letting it go is more important for change, but when it comes to weight-loss it can sometimes help to remind yourself of where you came from and how good it feels to not be there anymore. I know I love the way I feel now, and I know that when I reach my goal weight my journey will continue in a positive and healthy direction. Looking back, for me, gives me more reason to celebrate the milestones I am achieving and even more reason to not go backwards on my path of success. And did you notice, that path of success has me now 100 pounds lighter!


Fat-Free Mommy

Life is a Party

Week: #23
Pounds lost: 75.4
Pounds to go (1st goal): 43.6
Pounds to go (2nd goal): 69.6

Holy busy week Batman! I have so much respect for the party planners of the universe, because although I love planning a party, planning an over-the-top 1st birthday party has left me completely wiped out. We transformed the house into my baby girl’s wonderland and we, meaning myself, my mom, step-dad, and hubby did everything from cover the carpets with plastic to create an indoor grassy look complete with a “pink carpet” for the entry way, to baking shortbread in the shapes of butterflies and flowers, to creating themed cards to go on all favors and place settings, to making teapot centerpieces, to oh my goodness the list could go on and on but that would make this more of a run-on sentence than it already is. Needless to say, it was a lot of work, and you know what, it was all completely worth it! My baby girl, although not one of many words, expressed her happiness and gratitude with every smile, giggle, and birthday girl strut down that adorable pink strip of plastic. With a week filled with shopping and baking and rubbing detailed sticker outlines onto walls, I have to admit my living room workouts were not so much done with a DVD, but more so in the constant movement and activity of preparing for the big day.

Even though I didn’t have time for my traditional workouts, I felt good about each day because I really didn’t stop moving. On one of the days we actually took the time to go for a walk in a park, and it felt so gloriously good. To actually get out of the house and take the time to speed walk, taking in the smell of the grass and pastures, ok those smells weren’t so good but welcomed just the same, was a great release of stress as well as an energizer for the rest of the day. I even tried running/jogging for a couple of  seconds to see if I could do it, and I can. Pushing my jogging stroller I actually amped up my pace and started to run, granted I stopped myself because my mom and stepdad were walking with me and I didn’t want to give the impression that I was running away from them, but at least I gave it a try. Then it was back to the living room for more party prep.

Party day was fabulous! With a few close friends and family we celebrated my daughter’s life with all of the buttery and sugary treats that had been created in my own kitchen. But, in true Fat-Free Mommy form, I came to the party with my date, Mr. Will Power, and didn’t even so much as take a finger-licking taste of the delectable creations. Honestly, I didn’t even want any. Not because they didn’t look divinely delicious, but because I didn’t want to put them in my body. I gave food to my daughter, and served cake, and didn’t so much as contemplate taking just a taste. In my fatty days I would have used my finger to wipe off icing from the cake slicing knife and stuck that sugary finger right in my mouth, after the serving was complete of course. I was a fat girl, not a completely unsanitary person. This time, I still cut and served the cake, but my fingers stayed sugar-free. I heard the subtle moans of delight from guests who complimented the tastiness, and that was good enough for me. I shocked myself actually, typically birthday cake is not something I can pass up, but it felt good to take the healthy eating high road. The same went for the shortbread cookies, the miniature strawberry shortcakes with homemade strawberry jam, the macaroni and cheese cupcakes complete with cherry tomato on a dollop of sour cream to give the look of whipped cream with a cherry on top, the puff pastry ham & cheese sandwiches, the cake balls on a stick, etc. I said no to it all, and instead enjoyed some great conversations.

According to coach, life events happen, you can’t stop them, but you can stop yourself from making a bad decision. When hosting a party, be a mingler, be a good hostess and move around. This will stop you from lingering near the cake or other devilish treats. If you don’t stand next to the food or soda for too long then you won’t be as tempted. If you feel yourself staring down the cake like a lion hunting in the savannah, then move away from the cake, it’s that simple. It’s a party, so why not be the hostess with the mostess and make sure that each and every one of your guests feel welcome. Your guests will go home having enjoyed your company, and you will end the day without any food guilt. Now that’s my kind of party!


Fat-Free Mommy

PS. Here’s a collage of some of the elements of the birthday party 🙂

Resolution or Mission Statement?

Week: # 12
Pounds lost: 43.0
Pounds to go: 76.0

Happy New Year! Good-bye 2011 and all of my Fatty McFatmom behaviors, hello 2012 and being a true M.I.L.F by years end. A new year brings hope and optimism for the future, which is why we all come up with resolutions that “this year” we will actually stick to. You know the ones, exercise more, lose weight, all the new year plans that the advertising teams of the weight-loss industry bank on. There is a reason gym memberships skyrocket in January and by February the gym floor is virtually empty. We all believe that each new year will be the year that we stick to our resolution for more than a couple weeks. Eventually a bump in our newly paved road will appear, whether it be missing an early morning alarm, or getting a cold, or having to work late, something will happen to stall our progress and we will give up on our resolution. Not intentionally of course, but life has it’s way of… getting in the way.

Well, this year after pondering the different potential resolutions, I decided to not participate in the resolution festivities. Instead, I will have a life mission. I figure a life mission is much more permanent than a wavering resolution. Think of it as a mission statement for 2012, oh how Jerry Maguire of me. Since my baby girl has entered the world of table foods, my mission includes her as well. Besides, she is a 9 month old, my mission is by default her mission. So, for 2012 I will embrace the happiness that will come from healthy living.

Of course it’s a tad vague, but so are all mission statements. However, for 2012, and the rest of my life, I will choose healthy food options for myself and my family, each day will include some type of exercise/ activity (no more lazy Sunday’s), and I will take the time to enjoy the lifestyle I have created. Losing weight and living healthy has to be a family shared lifestyle. I can’t be eating my lean and greens while making butter soaked meals for my family. How will my daughter ever learn to grow in a healthy way if we don’t practice healthy habits now? Sure there are things on my current weight-loss plan that I can’t have that I will be sure to give my hubby and daughter, but gone are the days of junk food feasts and over indulging on high-fat foods. I am determined for our family’s relationship with food and exercise to be a healthy one. Food will not be given as a reward, food will not be used for emotional comfort, and we will be moving in some way every day.

According to coach, the problem with most resolutions is that we know it is acceptable to not follow through. Weight-loss needs to be more than a resolution in order for the results to last. Life changes are in order. The way we view food, the way we use food, and how we care for our bodies all need to change. If not then we will be stuck on the McFatty rollercoaster that many of have spent a lifetime riding. Well this Fat-Free Mommy is done with that ride, my pass has expired and I am not going to renew.

Fat-Free Mommy

Santa Who?

Pounds lost: 40.0
Pounds to go: 79.0

Merry Christmas! For those of you who celebrate differently, I hope your holiday was just as merry! We are Santa people here at Nana’s house, and by Santa people I mean that throughout the house literally over 50 Santas can be found… And what is found close to these jolly men? Why candies, candied nuts, cookies, other seasonal confections, and on celebration day add an array of platters filled with buttery appetizers. Perfect for this Fat-Free Mommy, and by perfect of course I mean it is a test of Mr. Will Power at every turn.

In years past I would, like many, graze the appetizers much like a cow in a pasture, but this year had to be different, and thankfully it was. This year instead of acting in bovine-esque fashion, I focused on the two “D”s… Determination and Distraction. My determination to stick to my plan coupled with the lovely distraction of being a mommy of an infant, made passing on the finger-licking treats surprisingly easy. Whenever my daughter was napping and I felt myself get tempted I would grab my water instead of a stuffed mushroom. When my daughter was awake, I was distracted from all foods by tending to her needs and acting as a barrier between her curious crawling body and things like tables, chairs, and of course the glittering Christmas tree.

The two “D”s really only worked for the appetizer hours, yes hours, all day until dinner to be precise. For the feast that was dinner I knew I had to use a different strategy. So, I used… Wait for it… Portion control! I know us fatties hear the phrase portion control and think, yeah right, it’s Christmas, portion control is like a nasty four letter word for holiday meals. But, there are some tricks that really do come in handy that I got from coach.

1. If you are having a buffet meal experience, grab a salad or dessert plate instead of a dinner plate. Dinner plates are bigger and we naturally want to fill the plate. Using one of the smaller plates still allows you to fill your plate but keeps you from over doing it.

2. If you absolutely can’t go without tasting something that you know will make you gain a pound just by looking at it, take just one taste. The second, third, and fifteenth bite will taste the exact same as the first, and you don’t need them.

3. Eat before you go to your event, not a big meal, but something that will ensure that you are not walking into the food version of a lion’s den hungry. If you aren’t hungry you won’t eat as much.

4. Take sips not bites! If you are determined to fight the holiday temptations completely, have water with you and every time you think about taking a bite, take a sip instead.

I love Christmas and all of the joy that comes with family gathering and taking time to experience each other, and especially from experiencing Christmas through the eyes of my baby girl. What I realized for the first time this year, is that just as much laughter and love can be felt without the cultivation of calories. I don’t have to be eating my face off in order to be involved in all of the joyous action that this holiday season brings, my smile can shine just as brightly, even more so, because when I step on Madame Scale I won’t feel guilty about the holiday.

Fat-Free Mommy