End of an Era


~Dr. Seuss

Week: #11

Pounds Lost: 9

Pounds To Go: 121

Another week, another pound left on the pavement! This week was hard. Not so much in the eating or exercising department, but emotionally, it was just plain hard. This week marked the end of my time at Baby Boot Camp, and all of the sappy friendship and good bye songs were the soundtrack of the past few days. Mothers need support, and when that support comes in the form of strong women who have a passion for fitness, well… that type of support just can’t be beat.

When we moved back to Florida, just four years ago, I set out to be one of those moms who did activities with my daughter. I would show her what it was like to have a healthy, hands-on mom. Baby Boot Camp was the perfect marriage of fitness and time with your child. You work out in front of your child, you engage your child in the workout through song, and sometimes tickles, it is an amazing program to be a part of, to grow with, and lastly to teach. I was a part of healthy changes in the lives of many. I got to share in stories of success and struggle, and together we pushed through it all. We were bonded by sweat and sweet laughter, and I couldn’t ask for a better mommyhood experience. These were the women I called when I reached my goal weight and went shopping as a skinny girl for the first time. These were the women who I coached back to healthier mommy bodies. These were the babies who I would help soothe and who would go home and do squats as toddlers. Most of all, these were the women who got me out of bed when my world was crumbling. I’m sobbing even as I write this, because a part of me will never be ready to let that kind of love and support go. But… the reality is, living an hour away from where we celebrated health every Monday and Wednesday was just too much. The commute was stressful, and although the workouts were still great, and the women were still wonderful, it was different because I didn’t get to participate in all of the after-workout opportunities to strengthen my village. So, the decision was made in mid-March that April would be my last month of teaching, and time just flew by too fast.

All of a sudden, there we were celebrating my last week of teaching Baby Boot Camp. Old cherished friends came to those final workouts, faces that I haven’t seen in a long time, and my heart was filled with so much love, that it was literally coming out my eyeballs. I made it a point to give it all I had as an instructor for those last two classes. Being able to teach and coach again was a gift, and I wasn’t about to leave without giving everything of me back to the women who helped shape my mommyhood journey thus far. I know my relationships with these strong mamas will continue in a different way, but I also know that these past four years have been filled with some of the best memories of my life, and for that I will forever be in debt to the mommies of Baby Boot Camp.

Mommyhood is a journey, and one that should never be walked alone. We need our village to help us along the way, and whether that village is made up of family, or friends who feel like family, or, if you’re lucky, a combination, each village is special, necessary, and cherished. This Fat-Free Mommy was truly blessed to be welcomed into the fold of the Baby Boot Camp village. Now, as my mommyhood adventures continue on a different path, I know I am strong enough to take on this change of life, even though it may be making me scared and sad in this moment. I am blessed because my village spans more than just my street corner. I have strong mamas I can turn to around the world, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!


Fat-Free Mommy

Little Healthy Choices

My little prince in my arms at five months old.

My little prince in my arms at five months old.

Week #2: 

 Pounds Lost This Week: 2.4

 Total Lost: 16.4

 Pounds to go to Goal #1: 8.0

Pounds to go Overall: 105.0

 Being a mommy is hands down the absolute BEST! It’s no secret that mommyhood was always on my life agenda, and being able to stay at home with my little royals is amazing, at times rough, but always fascinating and full of love, even when I’ve lost my ish and start a no-talking dance party in the living room. Now that I have a four year old princess and a one year old prince, I am hyper concerned with their health, and more acutely their eating habits, because, their relationship with food is pretty much solely influenced by yours truly. I buy mainly organic, at times gluten free, and have done my part in brain washing them into calling fruit filled oat bars “candy bars”, and veggie infused chips made from beans “potato chips”. So, I’ve at least done that correctly, right? I mean they don’t even know what a Dorito or a Happy Meal is, so I’m certain that gets me to some type of bonus level of mommyhood. So, why on a daily basis do I worry and analyze every nutritional detail of their day? I am literally on the cliff of paranoia when it comes my influence on their health habits. Well, first I’m a mom, so yeah I suppose that’s just what we do, and second what kind of Fat-Free Mommy would I be if I didn’t obsess in some way over the health of my children? Are they getting enough greens? Are they being overloaded with sugar? Do they get enough protein? Too much fat? Are their eating habits stunting their growth or causing some type of disorder? My goodness, I could literally go on forever with all of the internal questions that circle the Fat-Free Mommy brain at any given minute!

Well, this past week has given me a glimmer of hope that my behaviors and choices are making a good health impression on the wee ones. On one of our weekly adventures at Baby Boot Camp, my princess escaped from our stroller, as she does because she is of the age where she wants to be involved and included in everything! So, what did she do, she picked up a piece of equipment and began to exercise. She said she was exercising, and I have never felt so proud! She’s 4 years old, and she knows exercise is a want to activity. She was adorable with her squats and use of an extremely loose resistance band for bicep curls. I stopped to take a few photos, and then had to stop myself because that meant that I wasn’t exercising, and um hello, that’s why we were there!

Later in the week, when I asked her what she wanted for a snack, she requested Sports Candy, which is of course code for an apple. Now, I can’t take credit for that one, it comes from a television show for toddlers called LazyTown, where the hero Sporticus often needs Sports Candy to help him have energy to save the day. So, thank you to the creators of LazyTown for their genius product placement of a natural fruit! Anyhow, she asked for it, and inside I was jumping for joy, on the outside I praised her choice. Of course, if she was given the choice between a cupcake and an apple, she would hands down go for the cupcake, but we don’t keep cupcakes in the house. Let’s be real though, if we did keep cupcakes in the house, this Fat-Free Mommy would have eaten them all before the princess even had a chance. At the end of the day, my little princess was making me so proud with her little healthy choices, and I have to think that those choices had at least a little to do with me.

Being a mommy can be hard, especially as a stay-at-home mom. Not because toddlers can be complete whack-a-doodles with temper tantrums that could be Oscar nominated, but because at the end of the day, we were in charge of literally every waking moment our child experienced. Every minute at the park was because I ultimately chose to go. Every ounce of milk or water was because I chose to put that in the sippy cup. Every food available to them at home is there because I chose to put it in our house. There is no day-care to blame for a nutritional imbalance. There is no school to blame for not enough minutes of active play in the day. It’s all on me, and that can be exhausting! So, here’s to all of the mommies out there, stay-at-home and otherwise who give it their all to provide healthy happy lives for their little ones. Our job may not be easy, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world!


Fat-Free Mommy

Cheer Moms and Fast Food

Week: #36
Pounds Lost: 71
Pounds To Go: 74

There are many different types of mommies in the universe. So far I am a stay-at-home mom, a mommy runner, a Baby Boot Camp mommy, a dance mom, and a gymnastics mom. Recently, I have added cheer mom to the list, and let me tell you it is a whole new species of mommy who I am observing in awe and wonderment. I was a cheerleader back in the day, but that was a very different day. Not to mention that being a high school cheerleader in the Seattle area is much different than being a competitive cheerleader in Florida! What we did was exercise, and sporty, but nowhere close to the athleticism that can be seen on any given day at a competitive cheer gym… in the South!

These girls, even the little ones are beasts! Sure they are bow wearing cutie pies, but then they start practice and the level of determination and sheer athletic ability that is on display for any given hour is truly awe inspiring. I mean, my three year old little princess ends the hour covered in sweat! She really does work hard, and she’s just in a pre-team prep class, and she L-O-V-E loves it! Now, while these little athletes are working up a sweat, the moms are corralled in a seating area where rows of chairs are filled with seemingly all different types of moms. Not one better than the other, and all there for the same purpose, to support a budding cheerleader. However, I do overhear an ongoing theme of conversation… Dinner. My little princess’s class is right around dinner time, so this topic of conversation is no surprise. The surprise comes from the amount of pure crap that is being pumped into the bodies of these athletes and their moms.

Foul words like that chiming bell of mystery tacos, and the king’s burgers and fries, or the worst, for which I can’t even come up with an alternative name, Sonic, have been brought up in multiple coversations. Mommies decide on which of the trifecta of artery clogging locals to take their athletes after practice because, and I quote, she’s already worked it off anyway. Wow…just wow! Yes, any given cheerleader at this gym has burned more than her fair share of calories for any given hour. However, shouldn’t we be fueling our children, athletes or not, with food that has some type of positive nutrition value? I mean a burger and large tots surely tastes good, but is it worth it?

Shouldn’t we be teaching our children about healthy options now, so that they can grow into adults who can make healthy choices on their own. I, of course, am no angel, my princess has experienced French fries and her fair share of nuggets from that cow store, but those visits are few and far between. I know that in many cases the trifecta of terrible food seems like the only option. Schedules are packed tight, and it is much easier to go through a drive thru than to go home and cook something. But is it truly easier, or do we just not make eating healthy a priority? Of course there are healthyish options at these places, but the way these ladies were talking, I highly doubt that their daughters were going to have anything off of the healthier option list. If we made healthy eating a priority, and prepared healthier options ahead of time, wouldn’t that be just as fast since it’s already ready? It takes planning, and a little effort, but won’t that be well worth it in the end? Wouldn’t that also make our already awesome athletes even more awesome?!

I know this is a sensitive subject for mommies, and don’t get me wrong, I do not judge anyone for going through a drive thru. Every mommy is doing the best she can, I’m sure! I can only speak for myself, and say that I will take the time to at least attempt to feed my children healthy options throughout their life, no matter how busy our schedules may be. I hope my princess never knows the convenience of daily drive thru living. She’s a toddler now, so finding foods she will actually eat can be tricky. Giving her nuggets every day would certainly be a heck of a lot easier that trying to negotiate eating a kale infused protein bar with her, but that’s a battle I am willing to fight. In the end we all have to make the choices that best suit our families. For the Fat-Free Mommy family, the choice is health and happiness.

Fat-Free Mommy

Beauty Queens and Onederland

Week: #34
Pounds Lost: 69
Pounds To Go: 76

Super exciting week here in the Fat-Free Mommy house… I am finally back in Onederland, and it feels amazing! Looking down and seeing that old friend, number 1, was a more than welcomed change from Madame Scale… Happy dances all around and the happiness has yet to wear off. I still have a long way to go before my goals are met, but for some reason, just the sight of that 1 makes everything seem a little more doable, easier even, as if it is all downhill from here. Granted it is a big hill to go down, but nevertheless, I’m on it and I’m not going to alter the course of this downward excursion.

But enough about my excitement… Recently another body image/weight issue has gotten the twittersphere in quite the tizzy, and of course I feel compelled to share my opinion, not that it matters in the slightest, but the twitter response had me a tad annoyed. So what was the issue? None other than the Miss USA pageant, or more importantly the non-top 10 contestant from Indiana. If you haven’t heard about her, stop now and read this! Ok, now that we are all in the know, let’s discuss…

Let’s be honest here… This “curvier” than most beauty queen is still reportedly a size 4, weighing in at 135-137 pounds standing 5’8″ tall. Homegirl may not be twigtastic, but she is still sample size skinny and less than half the size of most American women, sad sad fact, but it’s true. Sure she has a little more meat on those bones, but she is more like a lean chicken wing than a porterhouse steak or pork chop! So is she “curvy”? I would say she’s athletic, but not curvy. I mean if someone says “curvy” I think of the entertaining Sophia Vergera, who is 5’7 and size 4-6, or the vapid Kim Kardashian who at 5’2″ has also claimed to be a size 4-6 but I think her clothes may have a tad more Lycra or spandex in them. Now those ladies, are what I would consider curvy, no rolls, not fat, but if you put them in a skin tight dress, the actual outline of their bodies would be a curved line. As for Miss Indiana, she even put on weight right before the competition, so as “normal” or “curvy” as she appears, I don’t think her story is as thrilling a it is hyped up to be.

However, I am inspired by Miss Arizona , a contestant who lost 40 pounds after giving up gluten due to celiac disease, who then aspired to become a model. She wasn’t naturally thin, or always a beauty queen, but she overcame an obstacle and changed her body in order to achieve a goal. Now, that’s an inspirational story.

Some may see these televised beauty circuses as outdated body-image-issue creating fiascos, but I happen to like them. These women are confident and poised examples of beauty, who typically set goals and achieve them. Do they look like the average American woman? Of course not! They aren’t supposed to! No one wants to see a parade of overweight women in yoga pants, there isn’t anything inspiring about that. But, seeing an example of beauty and fitness like these women, will motivate any of us, who are watching in our yoga pants from our comfy couches, to actively create healthier and more beautiful versions of our own bodies. Now, do I aspire to be a beauty queen, no, not at all, but like those beauty queens I do want to be a role model of womanhood to little girls, well just one really, and for her, I also want world peace.

Fat-Free Mommy

I’m Baaaack… But no really, this time it’s on!

Week: #32
Pounds Lost: 63
Pounds To Go: 82

Well hello there online fitness diary, I have missed you so! Well maybe I haven’t exactly missed you since I completely pushed you to the side for the past almost two months, but I do feel bad…does that count? Feeling bad is purely selfish of course since I have figured out that there is a direct correlation between my post frequency and weight loss. I mean in the past two months I have lost what, a whopping 5 pounds?!? For me, that’s just sad, especially because I know that I have been losing, gaining, and re-losing the same damn 10 pounds since who knows when. Of course, we have been super busy here in the Fat-Free Mommy house, but that is no excuse! So here’s a promise I have made to myself… I will post on a more consistent basis, or I will sentence myself to doing an hour straight of burpees! Who doesn’t hate burpees, right? Personally, I would rather go all Tonya Harding on my own knee caps than do an hour of burpees. So, is that a Deal? Deal! Onederland is so close I can see it on the scale if I don’t step on it all the way… So it’s on!

So what’s been happening? Well I am really good during the week since we are always on the go and in a predictable routine, but then comes the weekend. I don’t know what it is in my brain that just shuts down, but once Friday night comes, it’s as if a black hole takes the place of my stomach and the binge eating begins, and continues throughout the weekend. Then on Monday, I hate myself and start back on the right track, only to ruin it again on the weekend. Dude?!? I really need to get a grip! I can go on family outings without indulging on everything in sight, I know I can, I have done it many times before, but for whatever reason, my healthy weight-loss driven brain has been shutting down, even if I bring along prepared meals. Well folks, I can proudly say that this weekend was the first in many where the binge eating inner Fatty McFatGirl did not take over, and I am so excited! After all, I did give her a pretty good send off last weekend!

Last Friday was the 24 hour day at the Mouse’s House, and I went as a Fat-Free Mommy with other mommies and friends. No kids, no husbands, just the girls and we had so much fun! At the beginning I was good, I had packed all my food for the day, and until about 3pm I was actually on the healthy track…then an apple, wearing Maleficent clothing (apple dipped in caramel then dipped in chocolate with rice crispy treat horns also dipped in chocolate), beckoned to me. I looked, thought about walking past, but bought and ate it along with a mouse shaped cake pop. They were delightful and the great end to my healthy day. Many more indulgences crossed my lips before 6am when I drove home in Fat Girl shame. Ironically, that wasn’t the last straw. My turning point came a few days later when I read a particularly irksome comment on social media.

There is a new ride at the Mouse’s House, and it is one of the best, so much fun and I am so happy to have ridden it three times before the official opening. The comment I read was regarding the size of the seat on said ride. Personally, I thought they were normal and fine, and I still have over 80 pounds to lose before I am considered “healthy”! However, there were complaints that the seats were too small, and that seats of that size could pass in Europe or Asia, but in America where people are larger, the seats should be more accommodating. Reading this made me as red as an angered fairy. So you are so large that the seat is uncomfortable, and it is the fault of the seat? Really? Having trouble fitting in a generic theme park ride seat doesn’t inspire you in the slightest to to decrease the size of your hiney? Really?!?! Because right now, I am too grandiose to fit into my skinny jeans, but I am not placing blame on the fashionable denim, oh no, I am 100% to blame! So I am making myself smaller, and every day I look at those beautiful pants and I am inspired to keep going! I would think that if you could only snugly fit into something that was made to fit most people, that you would take a look at yourself and maybe be inspired to get to a healthier and smaller size. Now, of course there are amazonically tall people who can, at best, awkwardly squeeze into some attraction seating, but that’s not where these complaints were coming from, and for those people I do feel bad. However, to quote one of my favorite films, “You do not alter a Vera to fit you, you alter yourself to fit Vera.” Thank you Kate Hudson in Bride Wars. The same applies here, you don’t alter a ride to fit the obesity epidemic in America, you alter the obesity epidemic to fit a ride! Yes, weight loss can be a challenge, and at some points even seem impossible, but it is possible… For anyone! You just have to decide for yourself that the uncomfortability of a life change is worth far more than the comfortability of fatness. **stepping off of weight loss soapbox**

One thing I know for certain, if someone doesn’t want to lose weight and be healthy for themselves, then the weight loss is bound to fail. You may have to hit some type of rock bottom, or be irked enough by the opposition, to sincerely want it without hesitation, but either way you must do it for you. Well, I want this for me! My morning weigh in is my true mommy only time, it’s just me and Madame Scale, facing off, and from here on out, I will be on the winning side of the draw,

Fat-Free Mommy

Two Generations of Running Royalty


Week: #15
Pounds Lost: 52.2
Pounds To Go: 93.2

*Weeks until Princess Half Marathon Weekend: 3

Walt Disney World, the happiest place on earth, home to endless joyous memories which span my entire life. Now, I know what you’re thinking, yes Disney and happiness go hand in hand, but what does that have to do with being a Fat-Free Mommy? Well you see, there is this dream come true of an entity called runDisney, which takes the magic of Disney, integrates a healthy love of running, and creates race weekends which are exciting, empowering, and well magical. The race course weaves through the Disney parks, and beyond some of nicest race volunteers who have ever handed out water and gu, are the actual Disney characters ready and waiting to take pictures with runners. In addition to the official characters, there are also all of the running characters. Oh yes, half the fun of running through Disney is wearing some type of costume or at least character inspired ensemble.

As a mommy runner, theses events give our family an excuse to take weekend Disney vacations, full of fun and celebration, and of course exercise! But it doesn’t stop there, oh no, there’s more! In addition to the big races there are also kid’s races during each race weekend, and what kind of Fat-Free Mommy would I be if I didn’t enter my precious princess into running events of her own?

My favorite race weekend to share with my little princess is none other than the Princess Half Marathon weekend! Tiaras, tutus, and sparkle are everywhere, and that’s just on the adult runners. I haven’t yet finalized my running ensembles, yes that’s a plural, I am running a 5k, a 10k, and a Half Marathon on consecutive days. I am waiting to see what princess inspired running shirts are revealed by my favorite company Raw Threads, and then I will coordinate with my sparkly tiara visor and sparkle skirt. My favorite day will be Friday, the day of the 5k, because once I cross my finish line with the familiar cheers of go mommy go , the real magical race will almost be ready to begin. Our family will regroup and head over to the kid’s races, where I will park myself at the finish line to cheer for my absolute favorite princess, my daughter. She gets so excited at her races. There is always a character at her finish line waiting to give high fives and hugs, and she gets a medal of her very own. By the end we are both beaming with pride and ready to show off our race bling to the world.

Sharing this event with her is beyond special. She is only two, and already she gets it… Exercise is fun! That way of thinking is one of the most valuable life lessons. She won’t have to go through the years of dreading exercise or the gym, because they are already a part of her lifestyle. I don’t have to worry about her being a lazy couch potato because she loves being active, and that is something that I refuse to squash. Princess weekend just reinforces the fact that princesses can and should be active little girls and women. Just because you are a princess doesn’t mean you have to sit and sip tea, and just because you are active doesn’t mean you can’t be a princess. Thanks to runDisney, you can embrace your inner princess while wearing running shoes at any age. Only three more weeks to go until race day, and I can’t wait, because two generations of running royalty is definitely better than one!

Fat-Free Mommy

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Ambitious, Driven, or Just Plain Crazy… Fat-Free Mommy is on the Run

Week: #7
Pounds Lost: 38.4
Pounds To Go: 107

At about 6 months pregnant, something quite magical happened… Registration for Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend’s Donald Half Marathon and the inaugural Minnie Mouse 10k. Clearly, I was well aware that I was preggo, and that come January, I would have a three month old baby on race day. Of course, in true Fat-Free Mommy form, I registered without regret and started planing race day outfits. Now, fast forward to present day, and I am admitadly a wee bit nervous.

When I told some mommy friends that exactly 12 weeks to the day after my C-section I would be running a 10k and a 1/2 marathon with only 24 hours separating the two, they said I was crazy. When I was cleared by my doctor to finally start running, all of two weeks ago, I told her about my upcoming races, and she said that I was ambitious, which I took as nice doctor lady code for bat sh$t crazy. However, in my own head, I just knew I was driven, an over-achieving mommy runner if you will, I knew I would be slow at my first races back, but I also knew that I could handle them. But now, with only 32 days until the fireworks that signal the start of the first race, I am starting to mentally feel, well, ambitious.

This past weekend, I completed an 8 mile jalk pushing my double wide stroller, with my little royals, and sticking with my 3:1 intervals until about mile 7, and afterwards I was a little sore, but overall just fine. On the one hand I was proud to have completed my first longer distance run since giving birth. My little prince is only 7 weeks old and I am already jalking 8 miles, that’s pretty damn good. On the other hand, it was slow, so much slower than my prime pace, and although I know my speed will come back eventually, I couldn’t help but feel a little discouraged. Not discouraged enough to give up, not by a long shot, but the reality that I am not the mommy runner super hero who I want to be is discouraging just the same. Santa can I bring me a faster pace in my stocking, right? Or maybe what I tell my princess, that eating her lunch will make her run faster, is actually true, so I will eat my lunch every day? Ok, so I know neither of those will actually happen, but a girl can dream, right? I know I just have to be patient with this mommy body of mine, and keep lacing up my Mickey Mouse running shoes. I know that in time, I will on we again be comfortably in my prime pace, and go beyond it to an even faster pace. I know this all to be true, that my running pace, much like my weight loss, is on a road to recovery.

The road to recovery is paved with many steps, slow steps, each that make you stronger and faster with each passing day. It takes time and diligence to reach goals. A snap of the fingers or click of the heels will not magically transform a running pace or the numbers on Madame Scale, it takes a lot of work, a lot of hard work. After all, if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you, and if your dreams don’t scare you a little, maybe they aren’t big enough, and all of those other motivational sayings I have pinned on Pinterest.

Fat-Free Mommy

Distracting Little Dude

Week: #6
Pounds Lost: 34
Pounds To Go: 111.4

Thanksgiving traditionally lends itself to be a non-weight loss friendly holiday. In fact weight loss and turkey day are at war, they are the sisters who never get along, who are better off pretending that the other simply doesn’t exist. However, every year turkey day shows up to stir the weight loss pot. Ideally, Thanksgiving is spent with family, in someone’s house with a kitchen oozing with smells of the feasting season. However, this year, for us, we were at a Hilton buffet. I know, it’s basically the anti-Thanksgiving, but it was the choice of my dad’s wife, so in order to spend the holiday with him, that’s where we went. Celebrating there, although not ideal, did have an upside. I didn’t have to worry about being tempted by my favorite Thanksgiving dishes because they simply weren’t available. However, I was faced with prime rib and some cream sauce soaked salmon, so I did what I could to stay on track, but I definitely wasn’t perfect. I did have a weight loss secret weapon though… My little royals.

It’s amazing how much distraction a toddler and a newborn can provide. Just their cuteness alone can suck you in for hours. Any time I even though of going over to the dessert table, filled with literally over twenty different sugary selections, I would give a snuggle or two to my little prince. I swear babies and small children are a hidden weight loss gem. Just think about it, while giving snuggles, you aren’t thinking about gooey chocolate cake or butter drenched potatoes. You are thinking of baby smells, and how such a miracle of innocent joy can exist. Seriously, the next time you are at a gathering showcasing treats which will induce weight gain on sight, just find the nearest baby, and instantly you will be completely distracted. Of course, this weight loss trick only works if you are a baby fan, if you’re not a baby lover than I’m sorry, I can’t help you.

But seriously, when it comes to the holidays, you have options. You could eat whatever you want in any quantity, as long as you are prepared for the consequences on Madame Scale, or you could focus on the reason for the season, and I promise you it isn’t food. Focus on friends, family, catching up with people you rarely see, or getting to know new ones. For this Fat-Free Mommy, I am going to focus on the little ones who make all of my mommyhood dreams come true. After all, looking into their smiling faces creates more happiness than any piece of chocolate cake or scoop of stuffing ever did.

Fat-Free Mommy

Thankful for Knees

Week: #5
Pounds Lost: 33
Pounds To Go: 112.4

This week marks my return to running! My first running stride brought on a feeling similar to what I’m sure Forrest Gump felt when his special shoes fell off. I felt free, and somehow empowered to keep going, even though it was more than a week before I was technically allowed to start. I just couldn’t hold back any longer. Much to my surprise, my C-Section incision didn’t open, my guts didn’t fall out, and I didn’t die… I was just fine, and to be honest, not all that surprised. I waited four long weeks before picking up the pace, and that was quite a bit longer than I thought I would. However, I do finally see my doctor to be cleared for exercise next week, so my fingers are crossed that I didn’t somehow mess something up. Now, aside from my C-Section bits being pain free and seemingly hunky dory, I did have some achiness. My legs felt tender, and my knees were a little sore, but that has absolutely nothing to do with childbirth, and everything to do with me being a Fatty McFatMommy right now. More weight means more pressure on those things called knees, even one measly little pound adds about four pounds of pressure. So the lighter and stronger I become, the better I will feel…as if that wasn’t blatantly obvious! I managed to do my jalking intervals for a little over three miles, pushing my double wide jogging stroller, four times this week. It was awesome and only the beginning, especially since I only have six more weeks until the happiest 10k and half marathon on Earth…eek!

As I did my intervals, I couldn’t help but think back to a year ago, I was nearly 100 pounds lighter, finishing my first half marathon, and feeling on top of the world fitness wise. I am thankful for my body holding up like it has, even with being on this disastrous weight roller coaster that I have been on for the majority of my life, with brief stops at Fattyville Fantasyland. You know, the place where for a short time you are delusional enough to beleive that the phrase fat and happy actually holds truthful meaning. My knees have lived through it all, and I am excited and determined to lighten their load every week until I reach my goal. So as Thanksgiving approaches, I want to express my undying gratitude to two of the most supportive body parts I know… My knees!

Fat-Free Mommy

Busy Bees

Week: # 2 and 3
Pounds lost: 9.6
Pounds to go: 30.4

Total lost since giving birth (3/15/11): 190.6

Oh how I love the fall, the weather gets a bit cooler, the air a bit crisper, and my life… well to say that it gets a bit busy would be the understatement of my universe, in fact these days I may resemble a turkey trying to escape the dreaded Thanksgiving butcher, but I do secretly, or not so secretly love it! In the past few weeks, we have been to a pumpkin festival, a doggy Halloween fashion festival, run in two Breast Cancer Awareness races, introduced new and exciting things like dry erase boards and gluten-free baking to my little princess, and the list just continues but those are really the highlights! Since I have been so busy, it has been rather easy to stay on the track of losing unwanted pounds. Sure, at the pumpkin festival I attempted death by kettle corn and purchased what looked to be my weight in the salty sweet deliciousness since the bag and I were almost the same height, but fear not, I did not even come close to eating the whole thing, of course I shared with family and friends and at the end of the day, it was one of many treats that were experienced at the festival. The next day and through the week I was back on track, so it all evened out.

This whole maintenance and losing the final pounds thing is kind of funny when I get to really thinking about it. When I see what I call fat girl foods, I look at them as a fat girl, I want the big portion, I want it all, and no thought is given to the actual calories or protein/carbohydrate ratios. However, after the first couple of bites, the fit girl takes over, like the superhero she claims to be,  and I am done, I may go back for more later, but that whole clean plate club that I used to be a member of is long gone, and even though I know there are starving children all over the world, they really weren’t going to have my left over kettle corn anyway, so I don’t have to finish it!  Who came up with that phrase anyway? Yes, we are aware that starving people exist everywhere, and that we should be thankful that we aren’t one of them, but it shouldn’t mean that we need to eat beyond our thresholds of health just to finish the oversized serving of fat girl food. I know for sure that I will not be using that phrase to guilt my child into cleaning her plate, but I will take her with me when I make donations to the food bank so she can still learn the same lesson.

It’s funny how lessons can change depending on generation or the mindset of the parent. I remember one particular fall childhood lesson of cleaning pumpkins. In my childhood, cleaning pumpkins, for the eventual jack-o-lantern, meant that I got to eat the savory pumpkin seeds when we were all done. Not a care in the world was really given to the scooping of the guts, eyes were on the prize, and the prize was eating! However, for my daughter, cleaning pumpkins is more of an experience in feeling gooey textures and learning the proper use of her new word… “yuck!”. Yes, the princess was not quite a fan of sticking her hand in the “guts” of the pumpkin, but it was still an experience in adorableness hearing her emphatically say “yuck” and shake off whatever pumpkin parts dared to still be on her little pudgy fingers. It was extremely cute, and of course we got it all on video!

Wherever you are, fall is full of experiences and festivals that can be seen as a bit food-centric, but they don’t always have to be. Of course there are festivals like the beloved EPCOT Food and Wine Festival, that will always be about delicious food and that just cannot be tampered with, but other activities like pumpkin cleaning and other fall festivals can be about so much more than just the food booth of deep fried fat girl food. Now that I am not just a mommy but a healthy mommy, I see things through very different eyes than I did before. Before mommyhood, I may have seen a fall festival as just a place to stuff my face, but now, it is a place to touch and feel pumpkins, to see and feed farm animals, and to enjoy the many experiences that come with the fall season. Having my darling daughter has yet again opened my eyes to a much better, more fulfilling, and of course healthier way of experiencing the world.


Fat-Free Mommy