Little Happy Dances

IMG_3770Week # 5

Pounds lost this week: 4.8

Overall pounds lost: 26.4

Pounds to go to Goal #1: ZERO!!!

Pounds to go to Goal #2: 12

Overall pounds to go: 94

They say, the number on the scale doesn’t define you, it is just a number,  but let’s be honest, that number can set the tone for your entire day. If it’s less than expected, an obligatory happy dance ensues, if it’s higher than expected, everyone better watch out for the cranky train. Do I have an unhealthy relationship with Madame Scale? Probably. But, I also know I’m not alone. Is it a relationship I want to pass down for generations to come? No! Of course not! That’s why we are making healthy family life choices now!

Well, this week was full of little happy dances, it was exciting, and I felt like Madame Scale was somehow rewarding me for a job well done. Every morning I would get on, see a change and immediately started my little happy dance.  My activity level is still the same as it always has been, alternating running and Baby Boot Camp. The change was in the kitchen! I am finally on a roll of healthy eating, and it has clearly made all the difference! My ways in the Fat-Free Mommy kitchen may not work for everyone, but who am I to keep them from you… Here’s what I’ve been focusing on:

  • Small Frequent Meals – I eat a small higher protein snack about every 2 hours with a bigger meal for lunch. Based on the philosophy that if you keep feeding the fire pieces of good wood, you will keep the fire burning awesome flames. Same works for your body, don’t let your body get to the point of grumbling tummy noises before you eat again, keep the fire burning, but just make sure this doesn’t turn into some kind of grazing cow scenario.
  • So Long Sugar – Did you know that the American Heart Association recommends a limit of 20g of sugar per day for women and a limit of 30g per day for men? I dare you to take a look at the labels of what you are eating and calculate how many grams of sugar you are taking in! Excess sugar in your system cannot be used, and is converted into stored FAT! Even things that are labeled low-fat  or fat-free can be high in sugar which can make the fat in your body grow!
  • Bye Bye Bread… And Pasta – Breads and pastas and chips, oh my! They are a Fat-Free Mommy weakness for sure! If I had the type of self-control that would let me stop at a proper portion then these items may have been able to stick around, but the truth is, I am, at this point in life, unable. Being on the Gluten Free side of life helps me keep those temptations at bay. I would much rather get my carbohydrate calories from vegetables and fruits anyway, because you get to eat WAY MORE! Do I want a 1/2 cup of past or an entire half of a spaghetti squash? No brainier! Fill that plate with squash!!!
  • Hello Hydration – Water, water, and more water! 1/2 my body weight in ounces as a baseline to be exact! (Add in another 32oz per hour of sweaty exercise) We have all heard about how important hydration is when it comes to weight loss, or life in general really, and it’s absolutely true! If your body is even 1% dehydrated your systems, including your metabolism, will not work at their optimum levels!

So there you have it, all my secrets, which really aren’t secrets at all. Weight loss is all about paying attention to what and when you are fueling your body. When your body is given the right amounts of everything it needs, it will thank you, and so will Madame Scale, it really is that simple. So here’s to many happy dances to come, and maybe a little healthier relationship with Madame Scale.


Fat-Free Mommy

Puzzle Pieces

Week: #4
Pounds Lost: 5.6
Pounds to Go: 101.4

It’s no secret that when it comes to reality television, I am, for the most part, a fan. Particularly of shows on networks like TLC or Bravo. One newer show that my eyeballs have been particularly glued to is, My Big Fat Fabulous Life on TLC. If you haven’t seen it, it chronicles the life of a self-proclaimed fat-ass bad-ass woman named Whitney, who through her early 20-something years has gone from a average sized girl, to one who tips the scales at over 380 pounds. Her and I both have a condition called PCOS (poly cystic ovarian syndrome), which is, at its core, a hormonal imbalance which wreaks havoc on your womanhood. It makes it extremely easy to gain weight, a tad harder to lose it, and if being a Fatty McFatGirl wasn’t bad enough, you also tend to have elevated levels of testosterone which may surface in a bit of facial hair. Now, can I grow a beard like Santa? NO! But do I need to be a regular at the European Wax Center? You betcha! So I can empathize with Whitney, and for the most part, I love her attitude and outlook on life!

She landed this reality show because she was the brave big girl who loved to dance, and wasn’t afraid to be proud of her moves! Her video went viral and now she can be a true inspiration to so many women! She doesn’t need me to be, but I am proud of her. You go girl! However, when I am being a voyeur on her newly televised life, I can’t help but be a little judgy, any time there is a scene where she is eating. She says, that she wants to lose weight, she loves her body, but she knows that in order to be healthy she needs to be a little bit less of her fabulous self. So, you would think that she would at least have a conscious idea of what she should or shouldn’t be eating. I know, for me, removing gluten and all things bread, pasta, and potato turn my body into a functional fat burning weight losing machine. If I slip, I will gain, no questions asked, I will pack it on, regardless of how active I may be. So, when I see her eating pizza or a mayonnaise and banana sandwich (apparently a Southern delight that I will never be able to stomach), I cringe!

You can’t lose 100 pounds just by dancing! You have to get in the kitchen and create a healthy body from the inside out! At times I want to shake her, and then give her a hug, because even my judgy wudgy thoughts come from a place of love for this courageous stranger. But seriously, losing weight is a two part puzzle, you can’t out exercise a bad diet, and you can’t get a strong magazine cover worthy body just by eating apples and chicken breasts. You need both pieces. Some say, and I tend to agree, that weight loss is more of a kitchen battle, but don’t forget that building muscle will help that kitchen battle be more efficient. So, again, you need both pieces!

In the case of Whitney, I hope that in the episodes to come she gains the food knowledge that will help her lose weight. I want to be a cheerleader for her success, because I see so much of my former self in her. I know she can have success on Madame Scale, just as I know I can and will continue to have success on her. So, more power to Whitney, more power to the Fat-Free Mommy, and more power to everyone on any path of health and happiness everywhere! We can all have all the success we desire as long as we pay respects to both pieces of the puzzle!

Fat-Free Mommy

A Broken Brain

Week: #2
Pounds Lost: 0
Pounds to Go: 107

2015/01/img_0930.jpg Hello everyone, my name is Fat-Free Mommy, and I am an over-eater, or at least this past week I was. Mentally and emotionally trying events weaved a tangled web throughout the week and I had absolutely no self control. However, I did come to the conclusion that my brain is broken. I don’t ever recall anyone ever telling me that stuffing my face, like Augustus Gloop at the chocolate river, was in an effective way to solve problems, because well, that would be stupid! However, somehow my brain seems to shut off all reason in times of stress or sadness, and sends a message to my stomach requiring the disabling of any fullness sensors. Then, within minutes I will have begun my self-imposed competitive eating challenge. It doesn’t last long, but the weight gain consequences are monumental. Afterwards, I am still just as sad or stressed, but now also feeling quite ill, and let me tell you, after this weeks research, I can confidently say that it doesn’t solve a damn thing!

No cake, notice I did not say piece of cake because yes, there were entire cakes involved, no piece of fried chicken, slice of pizza, glass of wine, or jar of almond butter was safe. I went into each day confident to be on track, then something would happen, that I would normally turn to my Dad for advice or assistance in, and I would fall harder off the wagon than the day before. It was shameful, and just plain sad. It was rough, and I gained back every single ounce that I had lost the week before. Definitely a week I would like to erase from my life completely, but as we all know, the days of our lives are written in sharpie not pencil. Even with all of the sadness of last week, I knew that this upcoming week would be a turn for the better, and so far it has been, it’s been a great Monday!

So what will be different about the weeks ahead? I’m not really sure, but I do know that turning to food in times of emotional distress is something that I have to actively destroy. My brain is broken, and it will tell me that the addictive properties of sugars and cheese won’t hurt me, but the truth is, they will. Sabotaging my own weight loss is easy, I have been doing it for my entire life. Making these life changes so that I can reach my fitness goals can be challenging, but that’s part of why they are so worthwhile. Just like any race, if they were easy then everyone would do it, it is the challenge that makes the finish line so rewarding. So let’s press the restart button, yet again, and show Madame Scale just how strong this Fat-Free Mommy can be!

Fat-Free Mommy

Fear or Love?

castingIt’s that special time of year again, when weight-loss aficionados around the nation gather around that peacock feathered network and watch none other than, The Biggest Loser. The inspiration that I get from most seasons is amazing, although there were some that missed the inspirational high bar. Everything from the transformations, to the challenging journey, to how the trainers push, and of course the eye candy of Bob and Dolvett! I love and enjoy it all, and am always excited for the new season. So, let’s get to it!

First, I am excited that all of the contestants were former athletes in some way. This should mean, that the typical over-whining and overuse of the word can’t should be reduced to a minimum, or at least I hope so. With two new trainers to add to the mix, including the new eye candy of Jesse Pavelka, it should get interesting! One new trainer, Jennifer Widerstrom, said something that really resonated with me… It was something like, people either operate from a place of fear or a place of love. Well isn’t that the sprinkle goodness on top of a truth cupcake! Think about it. Fear can trap you. Fear can stop you from any number of experiences, and fear can keep the great adventures of love, health, and happiness at bay. Love, on the other hand, to quote a beloved movie, is an open door!

The love I have for my children has lead me to a healthier lifestyle. The love I have for being a mommy, and a positive health role model for my children, has lead me to keeping that lifestyle change. The love I have for myself has lead me to continue on a path which challenges my perceived limits and I even surprise myself with what my body is capable of achieving. Fear, on the other hand, disguised as it’s life partner named stress, has lead me down binge eating roads which keep me from my goals which were made out of love. Operating out of fear just doesn’t match the lifestyle I am so intent on living. So, here’s to living a life lead by love, may the road bumps of fear be few and far between!

Fat-Free Mommy

Beauty Queens and Onederland

Week: #34
Pounds Lost: 69
Pounds To Go: 76

Super exciting week here in the Fat-Free Mommy house… I am finally back in Onederland, and it feels amazing! Looking down and seeing that old friend, number 1, was a more than welcomed change from Madame Scale… Happy dances all around and the happiness has yet to wear off. I still have a long way to go before my goals are met, but for some reason, just the sight of that 1 makes everything seem a little more doable, easier even, as if it is all downhill from here. Granted it is a big hill to go down, but nevertheless, I’m on it and I’m not going to alter the course of this downward excursion.

But enough about my excitement… Recently another body image/weight issue has gotten the twittersphere in quite the tizzy, and of course I feel compelled to share my opinion, not that it matters in the slightest, but the twitter response had me a tad annoyed. So what was the issue? None other than the Miss USA pageant, or more importantly the non-top 10 contestant from Indiana. If you haven’t heard about her, stop now and read this! Ok, now that we are all in the know, let’s discuss…

Let’s be honest here… This “curvier” than most beauty queen is still reportedly a size 4, weighing in at 135-137 pounds standing 5’8″ tall. Homegirl may not be twigtastic, but she is still sample size skinny and less than half the size of most American women, sad sad fact, but it’s true. Sure she has a little more meat on those bones, but she is more like a lean chicken wing than a porterhouse steak or pork chop! So is she “curvy”? I would say she’s athletic, but not curvy. I mean if someone says “curvy” I think of the entertaining Sophia Vergera, who is 5’7 and size 4-6, or the vapid Kim Kardashian who at 5’2″ has also claimed to be a size 4-6 but I think her clothes may have a tad more Lycra or spandex in them. Now those ladies, are what I would consider curvy, no rolls, not fat, but if you put them in a skin tight dress, the actual outline of their bodies would be a curved line. As for Miss Indiana, she even put on weight right before the competition, so as “normal” or “curvy” as she appears, I don’t think her story is as thrilling a it is hyped up to be.

However, I am inspired by Miss Arizona , a contestant who lost 40 pounds after giving up gluten due to celiac disease, who then aspired to become a model. She wasn’t naturally thin, or always a beauty queen, but she overcame an obstacle and changed her body in order to achieve a goal. Now, that’s an inspirational story.

Some may see these televised beauty circuses as outdated body-image-issue creating fiascos, but I happen to like them. These women are confident and poised examples of beauty, who typically set goals and achieve them. Do they look like the average American woman? Of course not! They aren’t supposed to! No one wants to see a parade of overweight women in yoga pants, there isn’t anything inspiring about that. But, seeing an example of beauty and fitness like these women, will motivate any of us, who are watching in our yoga pants from our comfy couches, to actively create healthier and more beautiful versions of our own bodies. Now, do I aspire to be a beauty queen, no, not at all, but like those beauty queens I do want to be a role model of womanhood to little girls, well just one really, and for her, I also want world peace.

Fat-Free Mommy

Tutu Pride

Week: #24
Pounds Lost: 58.4
Pounds to Go: 87.0

What a week! Ok, what a month? Couple of months? It’s clearly been far too long since my last post. Life in the Fat-Free Mommy house has been full of half marathons, 5ks, 10ks, tutus, and of course sparkle. Yes, for my races I more often than not will wear a tutu or something that sparkles, or even both, and not because I somehow think I look like a graceful prima ballerina while I run, because let’s face it, that would be impossible, but because it’s fun! Do I think dressing like a princess/ballerina makes me run faster? Um, no! But it definitely doesn’t slow me down, and if anything, having fun with my race outfit of choice keeps me going strong, because it keeps it fun! I eagerly await the new shirt designs from Raw Threads, my all-time favorite activewear company, so that I can plan my next race outfit. Planning the outfit is part of the fun! Racing is fun! Running is fun! Without the fun, it wouldn’t be worth repeating.

Well this past week it seems as though a certain women’s fitness and beauty magazine tried to bash having fun with your run. If you have not heard or read about the recently published tutu bashing by Self magazine, then stop right now and read this article featured in the
Huffington Post.

According to the media kit by Condenast Self has the following as a part of it’s mission statement:

SELF is the magazine that makes living healthy easy and fun. SELF’s motto: Being fit, strong and active means feeling great, being happy and looking your most beautiful.

Well what’s so happy or fun about being the quintessential high school mean girl? Listen here, Self, putting down women who wear tutus while running is just plain rude! I take this tutu bashing personally, not because I am particularly passionate about layers of brightly colored organza, but because to include what women choose to wear while they are running in any type of public ridicule is… well it’s damaging.

So many women, definitely including myself, have lived in fear of running. I could never run a (insert any distance), or I’m too fat to run have been said, heard, and thought repeatedly by women, maybe even women who read Self. Running, and participating in races can be intimidating for us ladies who jiggle a little more than desired. We run with our hearts. We plan, we prepare, we train. We race. We run hard, it may be fast or slow, pace doesn’t matter because we give it our all. We run, and the bravery, strength, and determination it takes to run distances like 13.1 miles is nothing to be mocked or even taken lightly, regardless of what we are wearing.

Bottom line, anyone can run, you just have to try. Get out there and commit to doing a mile, a few miles, or a whole marathon. Commit with your mind and your heart, and with training your body will follow. Anyone can do it, and if you choose to rock a tutu when running, then take pride in knowing that this Fat-Free Mommy may just be rocking one too.

Fat-Free Mommy

Weighing in on The Biggest Loser

Week: #16
Pounds Lost: 53.6
Pounds To Go: 91.8

What a week for weight-loss! Not mine mind you, I am trucking along like a slow but consistent tortoise, but nationally weight-loss is making headlines. As a big fan, no pun intended, of the Biggest Loser, I watched this season and was inspired by the accomplishments of these second chancers. The finale on Tuesday showcased the transformed bodies and attitudes that were nothing less than motivational. However, shock swept the faces of pretty much everyone when Rachel Frederickson, the soon to be crowned Biggest Loser walked on stage. If you haven’t seen it, stop right now and watch this. Ok, now that we are all on the potentially shocked page, let’s discuss…

So, as a Fat-Free Mommy on my own journey of weight-loss to a goal which I have seen a glimpse of in the past, I know the elation that comes with finally seeing someone in the mirror who you can be proud of. I know how Rachel must feel to finally be a part of the Skinny Girls Club, and for that I am excited for her. Sure, her weight loss was extreme, but isn’t that kind of the point of the show? I mean The Biggest Loser isn’t in it’s 15th season because people win $250,000 for losing 30 pounds. Anyone can lose 30 pounds in six months, that’s only 5 pounds a month, just a little over 1 pound per week. Which let’s be honest, if you cut out 500 calories in your day (which can be done with the elimination of certain Starbucks beverages), or if you add in a burn of 500 calories, boom, you will lose a pound at the end of the week. So yes, her weight loss was extreme, it had to be. But, is she healthy?

Well, let’s look at the numbers. As a female at 5’4″, and a final weight of 105, she is at a BMI of 18, which is low but not deadly. For a normal female a BMI of 18.5 – 24.9 is considered healthy. To be at a BMI of 18.5, she would need to weigh 108. So, if she gains weight like I do, she really just needs to have a cheeseburger, some pizza, or a dinner at a Mexican restaurant and BAM, she will be in the healthy BMI range. In short, she’s not so underweight that all of the press regarding her emaciated look is warranted. Is she going to win a beauty contest? Well, probably not, but that’s not what she was in to win, it was a weight loss competition, and she kicked some major Fatty McFatGirl behind.

I do know one thing, the losing weight part and the winning the competition part, those were the east parts of her journey. Now, as she tries to maintain her weight loss, is when the real struggle will begin. Finding that balance that pleases Madame Scale is tough, and she will probably never see the day when she doesn’t give any thought to what she is eating or what exercise she has completed. She knows, as do I all too well, that when you stop caring about what you put into your body, or how you move your body, the weight that you lost will find it’s way back with a speed that is unexplainable. Almost as if lost weight lurks around just waiting for a momentary lapse in healthy judgement so that it can jump right back onto your body. I feel for Rachel, people are rooting for her failure, waiting for her weight-loss to not stick, and that has to be hard, especially in the public eye. The night of the finale, so much negativity surrounded her weight loss, even former Biggest Loser contestants chimed in with words of doubt and shame. Even this Fat-Free Mommy felt the need to chime in on how I felt about her weight loss journey, as if it matters in the slightest.

So, Rachel, if you ever do come across this little post, I wish you all the health and happiness which you desire. Maintenance is unbelievably hard for us former Fat Girls and I hope that you have all the support that you need.

Fat-Free Mommy

Who Needs a Resolution? The Fat-Free Mommy Has Goals

Week: #11
Pounds Lost: 43.4
Pounds To Go: 102

Happy New Year! 2014 started out full of hope, happiness, and love in the Fat-Free Mommy house, as I hope it did in all of yours. One thing about the new year that I once again did not take part in, was actively making a resolution. If you want to change something, anything about your life, why wait for the new year? Especially if you want to exercise more or eat healthier, just start, on any day of the year, and actually stick to it. Resolutions have become so loosey goosey, that they are pretty much destined to fail. For example, a page that I follow on Facebook posted this on January 2nd, “like” if you’ve already broken your New Year’s Resolution (It’s ok, we’re not judging) , which was shocking seeing as though it is a page for a children’s network so I would hope for a little more positivity. However, the shock was that within five minutes the post had over 500 likes and an ample amount of comments. Now, the shock was not to the number of people who had already broken their resolution just one day in, but more to the fact that so many were compelled to share how completely incapable they were at sticking to a self-imposed life change. Seriously, you choose your resolution, so make it something you are actually willing to do, or not do for that matter. Is it really that hard to make a change for more than one day?
Lifestyle changes, ones that are worth it anyway, take time. You get your fair share of Mulligan days, because we are human and bound to slip from time to time, but you just get right back onto the path of change. Eventually those oopsie days will be fewer and farther between, and maybe gone completely in some cases. Which is why, instead of resolutions, this Fat-Free Mommy chooses to make goals. Here are my goals for 2014:
1. Reach goal weight by the end of 2014.
2. Run and Finish at least 6 Half Marathons.
3. Spend time every day creating deep belly laughing moments for my princess.
4. Continue to model a healthy way of life for my little royals.
5. Actually get out of my cooking comfort zone and create the healthy dishes which I continue to pin on Pinterest!

So there you have it, my goals for 2014. I hereby commit myself to making all of them happen.

Fat-Free Mommy

The Prince and the Caged Bird

Week: #1
Pounds Lost Through Childbirth: 16.6 (so they don’t count in my total)
Pounds Lost on Weight -Loss Program: 16.2
Pounds to Go: 129.2

He’s here, he’s here, the most adorable 8 lb. 14 oz dimple chinned prince is finally here! The cuteness of a newborn almost makes you completely forget about the quasi traumatic experience of a C-section, but then you try to get up from a hospital bed for the first time, and BAM, instant memory recovery. So, that first night, was admittedly kind of a doozy, but that didn’t keep this Fat-Free Mommy down. I pushed through the pain to do two laps around the maternity ward, and by the next day I was on the move, and right back in the world of true dedication to a weight-loss. Since the program I did after having my princess worked so well for me, I had already decided to jump right back onto the same wagon. A supply of the pre-packaged meals had already taken residence in my pantry, and I had a stash in my hospital bag so I could start right away. During pregnancy I was less than diligent when it came to eating healthy, so I was half expecting a serious struggle when it came to getting back into serious weight-loss mode, but so far it has been pretty easy. Sure, I am only one week in, but this week has been pretty amazing. Days full of newborn snuggling and toddler playing fly by with the help of my insanely supportive mother. With her help, our lives have resumed to what somewhat resembles normalcy, full of toddler dance classes and overly-expensive trips to Target. Surgical recovery can’t keep me down, life must go on, which means I am up and moving. Other mommies call me crazy, but honestly, that’s nothing new. I fully embrace my Fat-Free Mommy craziness.

Life is practically perfect, except for one thing… I want to RUN! I want to do Baby Bootcamp! I am a caged bird, and not because of my royal offspring, but because I am recovering from that whole surgical birthing experience thing. My post-op appointment was last week, and my doctor said I was healing well, so of course I asked her if I could run and get back to Bootcamp. She pretty much laughed at me, and said I wouldn’t be cleared to actually run for another 4-6 weeks. Seriously?!?! That is FOREVER! The only hope for early clearance due to good behavior, is the whole “listen to your body” gauge of physical limitations, which I’m not the best at since my tendency is to push my own limits. However, since I don’t want to take any steps backward on this road to recovery, I will be a better listener.

Funny thing about recovery, your mind and your body are not always on the same page. Mentally, I am ready to run and resume training for the approaching half marathons and 10k races in which I am excited to participate. My body, on the other hand is maybe ready to go for a walk, and at best a slow walking 5k. For other people, the opposite can be true, where the body is ready but fears get in the way. The trick is, to get your mind and body on the same page, at least during recovery. As a firm believer in “mind over matter”, taking it on the easier side is definitely going to be a struggle, but I can do it, I know I can, because let’s face it… I have to!

Fat-Free Mommy

Where the heck have I been ?!?

Pounds Lost (starting now): 0
Pounds to go: 40

Where have I been?? It has been almost two months since my last post, and I have to tell you that I have been somewhat avoiding the accountability that writing this blog creates in my own little world. As if writing down what is actually going on somehow makes it unavoidable. So, I will admit it, I have been avoiding you! And for no other reason than I did not want to really face what was going on, but after Madame Scale literally slapped me in the face with my reality this morning, I can say that I am back! I have to be. No one can take charge of my health except me!

So, what has been going on? Well, it all started with my body basically forgetting that it was female. That lovely monthly reminder of womanhood has not been RSVPing to this mommy’s life party since about June. Now, anyone who just got a heartbeat of excitement in anticipation of some announcement of a growing human, take a deep breath and let that idea go out the window. Nothing is growing except for my waistline. With all of the blood tests and visits to my doctor I started being anxious and stressed about this second or third child that I wasn’t 100% convinced that I even wanted. Don’t get me wrong, I love being a mommy more than anything but my honest biggest fear is sibling attention jealousy. At some point one or both or all children will feel jealous of one another and I never want a child of mine to ever feel like they aren’t the exact center of my universe. With that being said, once the question shifted from “Do we want another child” to “Is having another child even possible” I very quickly came down with a case of baby fever. Thus began the downward spiral into my fat-girl roots where emotional and stress eating are just a way of life. If you haven’t experienced doing the marital humpty dance for the purposes of procreation, let me tell you it isn’t about fun, it’s about timing and frequency and sexy goes right out the window. And then comes the two or so weeks of waiting to see if a little stick will make you elated or an eat your face of version of depressed. I of course was the later. Since then I have experienced more visits to the doctor and am about to start a second type of hormone/fertility treatment to try and jump start this body of mine back to being female.

As depressing as all of that may seem these past months have also had their fair share of huge accomplishments for this Fat-Free Mommy. I completed not one, not two, but three half marathons! I am now what may be considered “half crazy” and I love it. Sure around mile 7 or 11 I may feel like my knees or ankles are going to need replacing, but once that finish line is crossed and I am wearing that sparkling medal around my neck all the soreness becomes very much worth it! I have truly accomplished the once thought impossible, and words cannot describe how truly incredible that makes me feel.

However even with all of the exercising and training, I still managed to gain back more pounds than I ever wanted to. Just goes to show you that you really cannot out exercise a bad diet. If you eat your face off and eat junk, no amount of exercise will ever prevent Madame Scale from telling you exactly what you don’t want to hear. Her brutal honesty is only echoed by the buttons and zippers of the universe that refuse to work in the same way that they used to, and then of course there are the photographic images that really show you that your body is going in the wrong direction.

So, here I am, certainly still leaps and bounds healthier than I was a year ago, but still not where I want to be and I can only blame myself. Well, I got myself into this mess and I will without a doubt get myself out of it! Back on the program I go and with the determination and devotion that only a Fat-Free Mommy can have. Welcome back to my journey… I promise not to avoid you anymore!