Mommy’s Workouts

Excersize is fun! Say it with me, Exersize Is Fun! Here are my favorite workouts, hot fitness news, and anything fitness and fun!

Two workouts are my absolute constant favorites… Baby Boot Camp and runDisney!

Baby Boot Camp – A workout that I loved so much I just had to be an instructor! It’s a boot camp/circuit style workout using body weight, resistance bands, and is sure to make you sweat! What makes it so awesome? Your kids are with you, watching you become the strong mom you were meant to be! While your kids are experiencing the greatest display of healthy living, they are also being entertained and engaged through songs, tickles, and the best thing of all, their Mommy’s love! Find a Baby Boot Camp Near You!


runDisney – New to running? Not a runner? Been a runner your whole life? None of it matters when you find the magical events of runDisney! With training plans for even the most novice of runners, you will have the tools to run any of their amazing events. Races ranging from 5ks to Marathons even challenges like the 48.6 mile Dopey in the most magical and happiest places on Earth, I am far from alone in saying that these races are nothing short of amazing!

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